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When it comes to parenting advice, there is no one-size-fits all. In our journey to bring a variety of parenting solutions to aspiring, expecting, new and devoted parents everywhere, we recognize the commitment others have made to creating community and making connections with one another.

Kidsinthehouse celebrates the countless cyber-superheroes who dedicate their time, voices and thoughts, helping others navigate the beautiful and complicated journey of parenting.

We are honored to introduce our Kidsinthehouse Ambassadors that we have chosen to feature and to spread the word about Kidsinthehouse.

Asha Dornfest
Author of Minimalist Parenting
Asha is the mother of a daughter, a son, and a parenting style called “Minimalist Parenting” (which is also the name of Asha’ first book, co-authored with Christine Koh).
Dan Pearce
Blogger & Single Dad
A divorced, Mormon father of an adopted son starts a blog. It sounds like a pitch for a new sitcom, but it’s Dan Pearce’s life. Readers love Dan for his “everyman” persona.
Jill Smokler
Author & Owner, Scary Mommy
Jill Smokler, aka, Scary Mommy brings out the humor, sarcasm, and confessions of motherhood. She is the author of two books and blog.
Leah Segedie Leah Segedie
Mamavation Creator
At a time when the fight against obesity has reached a fever pitch, Leah Segedie presents a calm, encouraging voice of reason. Leah runs both the Mamavation and Bookieboo online communities.