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Philip Kent Cohen, Esq.

Criminal Lawyer
2008-13 Super Lawyer

Educational Psychology
Director Mann Family

Parents For Window Blind Safety

Amanda Enclade

Mom, Home Educator

Transgender Youth,

Children’s Hospital LA

Geoff Wells

Dad, Attorney
"Travel Ball Coach"

Psychology of Adoption

Pediatrician, Raising
A Self-Reliant Child

Jessica Jones

Mom, Redtricyle Writer
"Hand, Foot & Mouth"

College Consultant
"College Planning"

Psychologist, Raising
Emotional Intelligence

The Pump Station
Lactation Consultant

Parent Educator
Babygroup Founder

Helena Heyman

Mom, Literary Manager
"Babies & Miscarriage"

Blogger, Author
Money Saving Mom

Manners & Etiquette
Beverly Hills Manners

Mom, TV Production
"After Divorce"

Miss Representation

Dying To Be Men

Shape Up America!

Kari Sproul, MD

Infertility Specialist
Pacific Fertility Center

Doula & Educator
Painless Childbirth

Yoursphere Media Inc.
Internet Safety Edu.

Nurse Midwife

Blogger, Author
Rookie Mom's Handbook

The Sleep Lady
52 Sleep Secrets

Ron Sorensen

Dad, Photographer
"The Kids are Alright"

Dad, Businessman
The Change Maker

FounderChanging The Game Project

Dad, Blogger
"Death of a Child"

Mom, Film Producer
"USA Foster to Adopt"

Parent Educator
RIE Parenting

Certified Child
Safety Specialist

Bullying in North
American Schools

Blogger, Author
And Baby Makes More

Stay-At-Home Mom
"Dealing with Trauma"

Clinical Psychologist
Purposeful Parenting

David Roberts

Certified Public
Accountant, RBZ

Cyber Education

Education Strategist
Common Sense Media

Children's Hospital LA

Mom, Parent Educator
"NVC & Hand-in-Hand"

Dad, Architect
"Son with Asperger's"

Paige Goldberg  Tolmach

Mom, Activist
"Organic Mom"

Blogger & Activist

Addiction Counselor
Drug Abuse Prevention

President, Trendera
Modern Girl's Guide

Mom, Blogger

Family Therapist
Amen Clinics

Board Certified

Preschool Director
Little Dolphins

Orthopedic Surgeon
Health Care Reform

Heather Gibbs Flett

Blogger, Author
Rookie Mom's Handbook

Licensed Acupuncturist
Diplomat of Herbology

Hessam Nowzari, DDS

Periodontist, Diplomate

Crayon Collection

Mom, Blogger

"Spohrs Are Multiplying"


Adolescent Medicine
Director, CHLA

Lawrence Ross, MD

Infectious Disease, 

Children’s Hospital LA

Educational Specialist
Special Needs

Editor of Working
Mother Magazine

Mom, Tasty Brand"Healthy Food"

Educational Specialist
Kelter Center

Child Psychologist
Diagnosing Autism

Joyce Machin

Mom, Therapist
"Food Allergies"

Educator, Just Tell
Me What To Say

Financial Advisor
Financially Fit Kids


Emergency Medicine,

Children’s Hospital LA

D'Lynda  Kaplan

Stay-At-Home Mom
"Say It Like It Is"


Director of GAIN

Morris Dees, Esq.

Civil Rights Attorney
A Lawyer's Journey

Sinjin Smith

Volleyball Hall Fame

Author & Grief Coach
28 Days of Grief

Director, Adolescent
Services, CRC Health

Pediatric Dentist
UCLA Dentistry School

Mom, Blogger
"Postpartum Progress"

Mom, School Director
"Home Birth"

Native Elder
Strong Heart Resource

Zoe Rogers

"The Bradley Method"

President and CEO

UCLA Family Commons

Former CEO S.A.D.D.
Reality Gap

President & CEO
Coalition for Engaged Education

DIR/Floor Time

Chinese Medicine
Secrets of Self-Healing

Father, Dadsaster
"Stay-At-Home Dad"

Clinical Psychologist
Divorce & Disorders

Developmental Spec.
Parenting for Peace

Art Therapist
Professor, Loyola

Early Childhood
Resources & Education

Mandy Schutt

Hypnosis & EC

Lisa Stern, MD

Teen Issues

Mom, Health Coach
"Medical Advocate"

Chris Rice

Dad, Investor
"Gay Dad Adoption"

TV Host
Home & Family

Psychiatrist, Mother
Daughter Project

Author, Blogger
"Spanglish Baby"

Patty Robinson Smith

Stay-At-Home Mom
"Driving & Dating Teens"

Educator, Inside
Transracial Adoption

Douglas Green, MFT

Mental Health

Clinical Psychologist
Pregnant on Prozac

Rory Hadley

Mom, Blogger
"Transracial Adoption"

Board Certified

Shepard Kopp, Esq

Criminal Lawyer
2006 Super Lawyer

Gina Osher

Mom, Blogger
"The Twin Coach"

Parenting Expert

Adoption Attorney
29 Years

Mom, CEO, Red Tricycle
"Inside Red Tricycle"

Brian Pinero

Director National
Dating Abuse Hotline

Kim Bergman, PhD

Family Therapist
Gay Men...Fathers

Psychologist, Big Book
Of Parenting Solutions

Youth Ambassador

Secrets to School

Dad, Director
"Sports & Childcare"

Mom, Author
Nowhere But Up

Scout Masterson

Dad, "The Guncles"
"Gay Dad Adoption"

Linda Gant

Mom, Travel Tours

Clinical Psychologist
Forensic Family Psych.