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Mom, CEO, Red Tricycle
"Inside Red Tricycle"

Board Certified

Board Certified

Blogger, Author
The Expectant Father

Magnus Hellberg

Dad, Realtor
"Hold On For Dear Life!"

Polly Palumbo, PhD

Research Consultant

Mom, Author
Nowhere But Up

Mom, Autism Advocate
"Living with Autism"

Amy Luster, MA, MFT

Parenting After Loss

Lisa Pierson Weinberger

Hiring Caregivers

Mom, Consultant
"Baby's First Year"

TV Host
Home & Family

Whole-Brain Child

Author, Blogger
"Spanglish Baby"

Relationship Expert
The 30-Day Love Detox

Traci Cummings

Mom, Educator

The Honest Company
Healthy Child...World

Clinical Psychologist
Pregnant on Prozac

Family Law Attorney
Divorce & Bullying

Father of Polly Klaas
President Klaas Kids

Tom  Williams, PhD

Personal Trainer
World Class Swimmer

Rob Kodama

Dir Marketing &
Admissions, Crespi

Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy

Preschool Director
Camelot Preschool

Counselor, Author
Ultimate College

Lt. Joe Laramie

Former Police

Fellow of A.C.O.G.

Anxiety & Divorce

Lindsay Heller, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
The Nanny Doctor

Child Neurologist
Director, Cedars-Sinai

Family Therapist
Babygroup Leader

Sandy Eiges, MA

Educational Consultant
LA School Scout

Parenting Editor
Common Sense Media

Lactation Consultant
La Leche League

Psychologist, Power…
Child’s Imagination

Board Certified

Simona Montanari, PhD

Professor, Cal
State University

American Red Cross

Family Psychologist
Reflective Parenting

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy

"Being Mr. Mom"

Nancy Spigelman

Wonder Years Baby

Health Educator for
Planned Parenthood

Maggie Baumann, MFT, CEDS

Family Therapist
Eating Disorders

Blogger, Author
Minimalist Parenting

Behavior Analysis
Swim Instructor

Ling Wong, MS, CHC

Holistic Nutrition
Thoughts for Food

Living With Intent

Clinical Psychologist
Learning Differences

Trauma Specialist
Waking the Tiger

Maureen Blaha

Executive Director,
Nat’l Runaway Safeline

Hal Danzer, MD

Professor, UCLA

Speech Pathologist
Speech & Language

Educator & Blogger
RIE Specialist

Driving Instructor
Crashproof Your Kids

Former CEO Healthy
Child Healthy World

Aaliyah Noble

Mom, Entrepreneur
"Teen Parent"

Mom, Actor
"Bonding With Moms"

Art of Social War

Mom, Activist
Lead Safe America

Lisa Gonsalves, MA

Behavior Therapist
Integration Disorders

Connor Barnas

Mom, API Leader
"12-Step & Gender"

Family Therapist
Without Power Struggles

Social Worker,

Children’s Hospital LA

Gift Distributor

Sonja Panajotovic

Estate & Tax Attorney
Wills & Trusts

"Raising a Gay Son"

Child Psychiatrist
Otter Creek Assoc.

Wanda Yeatman

Mom, Consultant

Preschool Director
Parenting…Inside Out

Drug Prevention
Not All Kids Do Drugs

Rob Morrow

Dad, Actor

Dad, Blogger
"Mocha Dad"

Hank Nuwer

Anti-Hazing Activist
High School Hazing

"Cancer Survivor"

Mom, Activist
"Mothers with HIV/AIDS"

Staff Sergeant (Ret.)

Annie Wilcox

"Bonding & Adoption"

Therapist, Author
Trauma-Proofing Kids

Dad, Doctor
"Divorce Tips"

Christina Coleman

Family Law Attorney
Maternity Leave

Mom, Fashion Designer
"N.I.C.U. & Birth"

Mom, Herbalist
"Healthy Divorce"

Actor, Guide to
Sustainable Living

Dresden Shumaker

Mom, Blogger
"Creating Motherhood"

Deena Goodman, PT

Physical Therapist
Women's Health

Adoption Attorney
Academy of Attorneys

Clinical Psychologist
Grief & Postpartum

Clinical Psychologist

Therapist & Educator
Art of Parenting

Blogger, Author
My Brown Baby

Good NIghts

Mom, Columnist
"Child with Cancer"

Professional Organizer Family Organizing

Mom, Art Curator
"At-Risk & Divorce"

Blogger, Author
Dad or Alive

Melissa Idelson, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist
Child Success Center

Tim Wheeler

Dad, Attorney
"Fair & Equal"

Author & Coach
Balance Your Work

Mom, People Editor
"The Perfect Nursery"

Fertility Specialist
Professor, USC

Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant
The Pump Station

Catherine Mogil, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
Military Families, UCLA

Janis Gaudelli

Mom, Business Exec.
"Single by Choice"

Clinical Psychologist
Gender Born…Made

Parenting Coach

Pediatrician, Healing
& Preventing Autism

Mom, Co-Founder PAM
"Pregnancy Awareness"

Philip Kent Cohen, Esq.

Criminal Lawyer
2008-13 Super Lawyer

Educational Psychology
Director Mann Family

Amanda Enclade

Mom, Home Educator

Blogger, Author
Scary Mommy

Geoff Wells

Dad, Attorney
"Travel Ball Coach"

Psychology of Adoption

Jessica Jones

Mom, Redtricyle Writer
"Hand, Foot & Mouth"

College Consultant
"College Planning"

Psychologist, Raising
Emotional Intelligence

The Pump Station
Lactation Consultant

Parent Educator
Babygroup Founder

Humanist & Child Advocate