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ADHD medicate or not to medicate? That is the Question

Posted May 28, 2013 - 8:41am
My son was recently diagnosed ADHD, giving him the non controlled medication for me feels like bungy jumping, I went the holistic way, then the natural spend more time technique. I think it's time and Im prolonging because of my own set backs and fears does anyone have insight, resources or stories I can relate to? HELP?!?!? I am my biggest issue with this. I need advice.
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Hi Christina. You have just found out about something that is still new to you. It never makes any sense to rush into anything. I have to figure it out by myself but I always like to learn from other's experience. You are doing the right thing by gathering information. Read books and talk with others about their experience, but you are the bottom line. Several experts that I really like are "ADD and so much more" and "Dr. Charles Parker". I hope this helps!

Marshall Herff

Absolutely not. That's what big pharma wants you to do. Let's give every single kid Retirin and Adderal ADHD problem solved

Mommy Ramblings

Since he is recently diagnosed you might want to try some non pharma approaches. I would also make sure you see a developmental pediatrician that specializes in conditions like ADHD. You are the parent and you have the best understanding of your child's behavior. I know with our son we tried all the natural things before we both said to one another that we felt badly for him. We knew he could not help the things he was doing and so life was miserable for him. We decided to work with the developmental pediatrician to find a course of treatment that would work. It has not been easy but he is just eight now and is so much better. There were tweaks and changes before finding the best medication for him. We know though that we did everything we could not to go that route. However we learned he needs the meds. I have never thought we made the wrong decision when I see how well he is doing now.

Your Kid's Table

I've worked with a lot of kids with ADHD and have seen really good results with natural remedies and sensory diets.


I had ADHD so chronic my whole life that I was never able to even sit still for long or travel without major screwups. I should have taken Ritelin from the beginning it's changed my life! My daughter has had the same results.