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Magic Tricks you can teach your kids?

Posted September 28, 2015 - 7:28pm

We just let my oldest watch a magic show and he is obsessed with "performing" tricks. I know nothing about magic, does anyone know any really simple tricks?

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I don't but I bet YouTube has some good tricks for kids, of course, with supervision because you never know what you'll find on YouTube!

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Great idea! I will check that out.


Yes, I know I have seen a few on YouTube...


How fun! I bet You Tube had good things, or You Tube Kids. Also, so science experiments can be kind of magical. :)


Wait.  There's a YouTube Kids?!  How did I not know this?!


I think it's an app? It's on my iPad and a I'm pretty sure it's an app and not a shortcut I have saved.


That is a fun and free activity to try with kids. Keep us posted if you find some good ones!

Your Kid's Table

I will, I'm going to look at Pinterest too. I'm sure some blogger out there has shared something simple.

Mommy Ramblings

One of my daughter's good friends than she went to college with is a magician and he teaches kids magic too and he is a Ted Talk's speaker as well. His name is Brian Miller and he has a series on YouTube with some neat tricks. We just bought our kids a magic set at Barnes and Nobel but I bet there are a lot of videos too. His link is here  and his series that he did on magic tricks is  He is a super nice guy and actually got into magic because he was so shy as a child and had a speech impediment. You would never know it now but he is really a great person. He has a Facebook page and he is always helpful may help you find good resources to foster your son and his talent.  If you do contact him tell him Alexandra's mom told you about him. 

Frugal Minded M...

I am definitely going to check that out.  My oldest daughter is always trying to come up with magic card tricks.


Do you know the napkin trick with the hair? My kiddos love this. You make the napkin stand up in your hand. Position your hand behind the napkiin (you're gonna need your fingers). Then pluck (or pretend to) a hair from their head. Pretend to wrap the hair around the napkin. Then when you pull the hair towards you, use your fingers to make the napkin lean towards you. Same with away from you. It's fun.


sounds fun! Will have to try this one!


I remember getting one of those magic kits as a kid. They were fun. I'm sure they've still got them & they're probably better too!