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Mom of 6

Posted August 19, 2015 - 7:07am

Hello! My name is Julee. I am the mom to six kiddos ages 25,22,21,13,11,9. I love to travel, craft, and celebrate the moment. Life is crazy and I'm still learning to embrace the chaos, but loving the journey.

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Frugal Minded M...

Glad to see someone else who has a lot and some older.  I have 5 ranging from 17 to 3.


A big family is so much fun. I do realize that having/raising children in my 20s, was a lot easier than in my 30s. My husband and I often comment on how fast life propels us now...I was 18 when we got a's all my children have known. I remember dial-up--they have a connection to the internet in their hands. It's new challenges and I love it. 

Frugal Minded M...

That whole technology thing does make raising kids a bit more challenging.  I was at my daughter's high school orientation the other day and one of the counselors got up and said she gets asked all the time if a child is normal because it seems they are online all the time.  She said, she's definitely normal and that's how it is this day and it does make the parent's job a bit more challenging.I know my patience was greater in my 20s then now.


Hello Julee!Sounds like you must be very busy! I only have one son, who is 11. I look forward to learning from you since I am finding 11 to be a bit challenging.:)


One is a handful! 11 years is a great age...don't you love how they are beginning to challenge their belief system, begging for independence, but when it all slows down, are still wanting to snuggle and cuddle! Never say you only have one child--there is nothing "only" about raising children.


Yes, 11 is a unique stage. Sometimes, it is like I have a teenager and other times, my son still wants hugs and wants to cuddle. I can wait a little longer for those teenage years! lol


And I thought me having 3 was like raising a small army of people, hats off to you!


Wait till they become teenagers :)


3 is a small army of people...we just doubled up on soldiers! :)


You must be a super mom. I can hardly keep my head on straight with three. I definitely have to get some advice from you. 


I'm hardly supermom. I've made many mistakes--some more than once. Any child is a challenge...celebrating your three!


Yes, I can't imagine having 5! I also look forward to learning from you.


I guess I missed this post - hello! I admit I'm a little jealous of those who had kids in their 20s... I didn't know I needed my youth and energy so much! I had my kids at 31 and 35 and it felt like a lot more than 4 years had passed...


I think it's great your started your family in your 30s. I see the benefits. I know I am far more patient; small things don't set me off. The children I had in my 30s, dumped dirt in my kitchen from a planting project and I went with it...let them play in it. I knew it wasn't the end of the world if someone walked through the door and saw the mess. I'm celebrating you!


Ahh, it's so nice to see a familiar face here! :)