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Pacifier or Is there An Alternative?

Posted August 14, 2015 - 9:33am

Do you use a pacifier or an alternative method of soothing your baby?

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Frugal Minded M...

Out of my 5 kids only one used a pacifier.  I noticed at 2 days old she was really trying to find her thumb and I thought I can take away a pacifier when she gets older, but not a thumb.  She was also the fastest nurser of the kids so I think she needed that extra sucking.For the other kids there main source of comfort was being held or nursing.  I will tell you the one that used the pacifier, had the easiest time falling asleep on her own when she was 2 to 3.


Great minds think a like! I also had the thought that I could take away the pacifier but not the thumb. Thank you!


With my first I was terrified to use a pacifier because I didn't want "nipple confusion" as breastfeeding was difficult at first.  When I brought my second child home and she wanted to nurse for 7 hours straight I ripped the house apart trying to find a pacifier!  She only used it for a few months and then was fine without it.  My third child used one way beyond when I think is necessary but I finally cut her off around a year and a half and she was only allowed to have them at bedtime before that.

Mommy Ramblings

I only had one out of five that took a pacifier and at 13 months he got an ear infection. I guess sucking on the pacifer made his ears hurt. He that very day would not take it at all after that. He associated it with the ear pain and would not go near it again.  So strange, I have never heard of any child that did that. I know many who are sick and use the pacifier. Not sure but anyway we never had an issue getting rid of it.


I let my children choose - my daughter used one for a year and my son was never soothed by one at all. Funny how different their perssonalities are!


I tried to make both of my girls use one so I could get a break, but neither really took to it. I was also worried about nipple confusion in the beginning but we had no problems.

Your Kid's Table

My kids would never take a pacifier, much to my dismay at times. Maybe because they were exclusively breast fed and hardly ever took bottles, if at all. My youngest does suck his thumb though.