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Pregnancy Addiction?

Posted August 26, 2015 - 10:22am

Do you know anyone that is addicted to being pregnant? I mean seriously, it is all they talk about-as soon as they give birth they are focusing on the next pregnancy? Do they use social media to fuel that high? I know people like this. They love the attention and it is their focus in life. Social media has made it worse because they spend their time looking through Pinterest for how to announce the next pregnancy. They announce the pregnancy before the pee stick is dry and they often have 7 plus children before they are 30! They feed off others telling them what a supermom they are etc.

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I know women who are like this. I try not to judge. I have a big family--it was not planned that way, it just is what came to be. I think often times we romanticize many things in our lives. I'd never ask to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, nor trade my own. If it's what makes that family happy then our choice is to ignore or celebrate it.

Frugal Minded M...

Honestl I couldn't imagine being addicted to pregnancy.  For me each pregnancy was difficult and I much prefer the baby to being pregnant.I don't know of anyone who does this personally.  


Me, too!  I don't even want to be reminded of the terrible morning sickness I got with each child...


I can understand enjoying that wonderfully unique and miraculous time of being pregnant but to be addicted it so unhealthy. The result is a precious human who needs constant care and love. Being addicted to being pregnant is all about the woman and not the unborn child!

Mommy Ramblings

It is a real issue and it has become more prevalent with social media. I believe it even has a classification in psychiatry. Myself I have such debilitating pregnancy anxiety it is miraculous I was pregnant 7 times. These women cannot have any anxiety issues because it would be torturous. I think in the one's I have seen it is most about the pregnancy. The anticipation of every time they say the littlest think on social media people ask if they are pregnant. They are huge planners and it seems from the moment they give birth, they are planning how many months until the next one etc. Yet from things I gather taking care of the kids is kind of meltdown territory with emergency calls to mommy and daddy.  Lately there is a lot of bragging how the oldest child who is only 8 is making meals for the other kids and making them clean while Mama is on her laptop posting on Facebook.


I am sad for the 8 year old. Hopefully reality will jolt her awake and she will realize the joy and journey of motherhood.


I got baby fever every time my youngest was around 6 months.  I love babies and felt like they were just growing up too fast. It would make me sad that I wouldn't experience those newborn days again.  I wasn't like you described nor do I know anyone like that personally.  I can't imagine wanting to be pregnant or have more kids just to gain attention.