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Single mom feeling alone

Posted July 24, 2014 - 2:22am

Hey I just found this sight and i love the videos. Was wondering if there were any other single moms out there that split with their men while they were pregnant. He was doing all kinds of things that I really don't want to get into on here but I made the decision to leave him that I thought was best for me and my child. I sometimes wonder if that was the right thing to do because he has now moved on. Would love to hear input from people.

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I think you definitely made the right decision! My sister is a single mom and while it is hard, it is the best situation for her and her son. Her boyfriend was abusive and that is not a good environment for a child to be raised in. Stay strong and keep smiling! I have attached a video I really think will help :)

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First of all, Amos, congratulations on making a really tough decision for the short term but this definitely seems like the right decision in the long term. No one wants to feel alone and of course it is for that reason that many women never leave their partners, despite their situation being far less than they deserve. My good friend is a single parent and after a recovery period, she started dating. Her first priority was bonding with her child, then finding an amazing sitter she knew she could trust and then just having fun. Good luck!


Hey Amos, I totally agree with Super mom.  I know that these things can seem insurmountable in the short term, but think about it.  Do you want to feel like he isn't the right guy for you 2 years down the line, 3? 10? 15?  It's a long committment even when you're with the right person, let alone someone that you don't feel is right to be around you and your child.  All you can do is turn to your support group to try and get you past feeling so alone,  I promise that it's gonna get better.  I'm sure you can do so much better!


Thanks, Craig! Good perspective

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Damn that sucks really sorry to hear


Oh, Amos, hugs.  I think your decision was best for you and your child.  It will be tough at first, but I bet your child will fill all the emptiness you are now feeling.


Amos, stay strong! You know in your heart what is best for your child. Maybe there are support groups if you google single parenting or ask a social worker at the hospital when you give birth. The same thing happened to my friend in California and although there were hard times in the long run she knew she made the right choice. Also, tell people you are looking for support in this area or look for single parent groups on facebook! Take care


Hey Amos. Single mom right here. I have two kids & had to raise one all by myself without even family helping me. Decided to become a welfare mom for a few years, because I felt like he needed extra attention. It was more than rough. We couldn't afford housing in our town so we had to move out of state. My son never even met his dad, his dad left way before he was born. He's an alcoholic, immature jerk. My son however, started out having behavior problems which were never properly diagnosed. They put him on all types of crap drugs & got him into counseling starting at 5 yr old. All this stuff never helped & he got in trouble with the cops a few times. He hung out with the wrong kids because of the bad neighborhoods we got stuck living in. I finally put him in Job Corps at 18 (it was either that or the street) & he became such a fantastic guy! He's responsible, hard-working & so mature. He started out having a temper problem & liked to destroy property, but he's got that under control. I must say, insisting he go to church & youth group have made such a difference! Good luck to you. How old is your child?

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I'm not a single mom, but was raised by one. I can imagine how you must feel, but you are already being a wonderful Momma.

Your Kid's Table

I'm not a single mom, but was raised by one. I can imagine how you must feel, but you are already being a wonderful Momma.