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Swaddling Older Baby-Dangerous?

Posted August 29, 2015 - 10:30am

My youngest son liked to be swaddled and I used the big Muslin Aden and Anais blankets as well as the woombie. I remember how scared I was when I heard they should not be swaddled past a certain age (which can vary from 2-4 months but definitely not when they are rolling over). Today I saw a friend and her baby is small but just turned 8 months she has her swaddled so tight, the child is screaming and laying vertically in a infant cradle where her head and feet are bent up against the slats. She posted that-she loves to be swaddled and has to be to sleep in that cradle otherwise she can pull herself up and she will not be able to use the cradle any more. WHAT???????? Then she puts that she is just not ready to give the cradle up. Am I the only one who thinks this is dangerous?

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That seems dangerous to me too.  There comes a point when swaddling isn't necessary!  One of the main reasons to swaddle is because of the startle reflex (Moro Reflex) A baby will be asleep, then startle waking itself.  When the arms are swaddled it helps.  This reflex is common up to 4 or 5 months.  I transitioned my babies around that time by first leaving one arm out, then both.  

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Oh my goodness as an early intervention therapist I am disturbed! Did you say anything- I know that is really difficult to navigate, but just wondering?

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Yes, I felt compelled to say something. I said something about I did not know how old she was but that swaddling can be dangerous and I put myself in there so it did not seem I was calling her out. Her response was that it was okay since she is 8 months and she can roll over both ways even with that tight swaddle.