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Wake up time on the weekends?

Posted September 16, 2015 - 11:43pm

Do you have your teens wake up by a certain time on the weekends? Mine like to stay up very late on Friday and Saturday but I don't like them wasting their mornings on the weekends asleep. Wondering what other parents do about this?

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Oh, I want to know answers to this one. I'm a sleeper my kids are still too young to want to sleep in. I'm hoping that changes! Kind of. Ha!


If there's no church I just let them sleep in one day a week. I figured it's no big deal.

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I do not have teens, my kids are little but I don't wake them on the weekend. I am lucky all 5 kids of mine have never been the kind that are up at 6am or 8am. My kids all love their sleep.

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My oldest staying up late and sleeping until 11 drives me nuts.  I agree it seems like the whole day is wasted.  He is required to wake up with us on Sunday though for Church at 7:30 no matter how late he has been up the night before.  No ifs and or buts.  


I don't have teens yet and I haven't slept in past 8 probably since before I had kids! I used to stay up late and sleep until noon but Hubs is a morning person and he thought that was weird.  I'm still a night owl, I just get less sleep :(  So far my general rule is never to wake a sleeping child — wondering if that will stick when they are teens though!

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Admittedly I don't have teen, but I make sleep a huge issue around here. I will try to keep that from changing. I believe teens still need 9-10 hours of sleep a night.  I think I'd be okay with a nap, within reason.


I will be following this one son is not quite a Teen (although he thinks he is).He does stay up later on Friday and Saturday nights and likes to sleep in. I also feel sleeping until 11 is wasting a day away. :( This one is tough. If we have plans, then he needs to get up. Like when we do beach cleanup one saturday morning a month or we have an event. Otherwise we have been letting him sleep in. It varies between 9-11 am.


I think sleep is important. We never wake each other up (unless there's somewhere to be). Those who wake up early, must be quiet and respectful not to wake anyone else up. 


sounds good to me! :)