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What is your best advice for new parents?

Posted September 27, 2015 - 5:41pm

If you could share one thing with a new parents, as an experienced one, what would it be?

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Definitely make sure to get some time off once in awhile. Don't get burned out. Also don't jump everytime your baby cries, sometimes they need to a little.

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Yes, time off can become a real luxury, but its important to make it happen from time to time.


Don't compare a child to another when they are small; wait until they're in their 30s and determine what kind of human being they became.

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Jonbonjovious, I love your insights! I'm hyper aware of this, but it is amazing how often adults do this.

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The best parenting advice I can give is to not worry about the dishes, or to-do lists, etc. The time is gone in a flash, and you'll have wanted to take every second possible in!

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To take it all in and that no matter what, if they are going through a rough patch it will pass and to try to enjoy it as much as they can. I would also tell them to trust their instincts and themselves and not to be afraid or proud to accept help. 

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Wonderful advice! I always encourage parents to follow their instincts.


My advice is to really take in those moments - their little voices, the way they smell after the bath, how they look when they sleep. As a monther of two high schoolers I sometimes ache for those simpler days.


Yes, it may sound cliche, but they do grow very quickly. I wouldn't mind another one!